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Longtime Mississippi News Anchor Removed From Station After Quoting Snoop Dogg Live On Air

Anchor and meteorologist Barbie Bassett has not appeared on air since the March 8 incident, and has been removed from the WLBT website.

screenshot of WLBT news team

Barbie Bassett, a longtime meteorologist and news anchor in Mississippi, was removed from air in the wake of a comment in which she quoted Snoop Dogg earlier this month. Ever since her on-air utterance while her team was discussing the rapper's addition to his wine brand on March 8, she has not appeared on-air for NBC affiliate WLBT.

When the suggestion of a collaboration with a newsroom member was made, Bassett said:

"Fo shizzle, my nizzle."

"Nizzle" is a slang term for the n-word. The phrase reportedly means "for sure my n-word."

Bassett, the station's lead meteorologist and presenter, sparked controversy in the past with a comment in which she called a Black reporter's grandmother "grandmammy" on air. She apologised afterwards.

The Clarion Ledger reports she is no longer included on the station's website. Moreover, Bassett has been completely silent on Twitter ever since, including this past weekend when a catastrophic tornado struck Mississippi.

In the past this would have been a prime occasion for her to appear on social media to provide updates.

People were quick to jump in to comment, noting this wasn't the anchor's first offense.

People also focused on the WLBT news member on the right, whose reaction was shared by everyone else who watched the clip.

People found his professionalism commendable.

In addition to the "blue suit" reaction, others heard the death-knell in off-camera Julie's "Huh."

Some wondered if the meteorologist knows the meaning of the phrase.

Judging from people's reactions, it seems unlikely Bassett will be returning to live broadcasts soon.