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Milwaukee Woman Becomes Instant Neighborhood Icon After Handing Out Potatoes For Halloween

Sarah Ross decided to mix in a potato with her candy to see how trick-or-treaters would react.

Milwaukee Woman Becomes Instant Neighborhood Icon After Handing Out Potatoes For Halloween
@Dustin Wegert/Facebook
A woman named Sarah Ross in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, planned to hand out candy to this year's trick-or-treaters.
This Halloween, however, she added a twist just to see what would happen, and it didn't disappoint.

The mischievous trickster decided to include potatoes in the candy-filled bowl to see what fate would have in store for the spuds. Because why not?

She posted about her experiment on Facebook and updated followers with a play-by-play as her costumed neighbors came knocking.

The results were shared by Facebook user Dustin Wengert, who said this took place "in relatively urban Milwaukee, WI."

"I'm handing out full-size candy bars per usual," wrote Ross in the initial post, adding:

"But I'm also putting a potato in the bowl just to see what happens."

She encouraged followers to read the updates, of which there were plenty.

Dustin Wengert/Facebook

The first subject was a youngster who actually snatched the potato and was "incredibly excited" and proceeded to tell all the houses on the block: "I GOT A POTATO."

" Parents very confused but excited about it," observed Ross.

The next trick-or-treater was a teenage girl who inquired:

"What happens if I take the potato?"

Ross replied enthusiastically:

"You'd have a potato!"

Apparently, the teen wasn't so keen on the outcome as "she didn't take the potato. lol."

Next up, an "older teen in a reaper mask and a plastic grocery bag took the potato."

"Turns to his friends and parents and says, 'potato!'"
"Parents are again confused, and less excited, and ask if they can grab a candy bar. Of course I say yes lol."

Dustin Wengert/Facebook

The spuds continued getting some love.

"We are now at FIFTEEN potatoes," said Ross in a new update.

"A group of teens in steampunk outfits came by. They're peer pressuring friends into getting it."
"Every teen is yelling about the potatoes. Amazing. They are yelling "POTATO GANG" at each other."

The potatoes were officially a hit.

As the night progressed, Ross said she'd gone through a 10-pound sack of potatoes and had given away 28 potatoes—so far.

Dustin Wengert/Facebook

One parent accompanying their child was amused by the experiment and took a potato "for his brother."

One visitor was conflicted and did a 180.

"We had one kid ask what it was, then say '...No potatoes.' Then pause and put candy back to take potato."

Ross, who mentioned the house had no decorations, continued giving away potatoes like they were hot.

"We have gone through 40 potatoes," she wrote.

So how did a house without Halloween decorations manage to become the house to visit that night?

She explained:

"Parents have told us they've heard the legend of the potato and been scouring the neighborhood."

Dustin Wengert/Facebook

After going through a 10-pound bag of potatoes and dipping into reserves, Ross said she was down to three potatoes.

"We still have an hour to go and only 2 potatoes left," she wrote.

"We've had multiple parents say their kids have been clamoring for the potatoes."
"We've given out 44 potatoes."

When asked how many actual candy bars she gave away, Ross replied:

"I think about 150 full size and we're most of the way through 150 pc mini and a lb of anise candies, which are surprisingly popular."

The spud wasn't the only unconventional item Ross handed out.

She also gave away "lots of pencils."

Ross added that one kid asked if the potatoes were real or fake.

Finally, there was not one spud left.

"We are out of potatoes!" she exclaimed, closing out her documentation.

"The last group fought over the last potato."

"Final count, 46 potatoes in 100 min, with 50 mins remaining on trick or treat time."

Dustin Wengert/Facebook

The thread inspired people to go wacky next Halloween.

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Dustin Wengert/Facebook

This stunt was a graveyard smash!