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Apparently, 'Milk Coke' Is Now A Thing And We Have Questions

Tomasz Krok / EyeEm / Jose A. Bernat Bacete / Getty Images

What started as a simple Twitter conversation has snowballed into an international dialogue on the merits of milk and coke (which few people seem to have known was a thing).

Twitter user @bexin2d incredulously tweeted about @JimMFelton saying that milk in coca cola was a common drink. Twitter users began chiming in with expressions of disgust at the idea, or confirmation that they loved it.

Several people compared it to a "Coke Float" which is a scoop of vanilla ice cream in Coca Cola, but the general consensus was that the beverage sounded horrible.

Disgust and horror were the general reactions.

The news is spreading:

Apparently it's not as terrible as it sounds?

Felton decided to put the matter to rest.

Whatever your position on the beverage, it does appear to be a real thing that real people drink...for some reason.