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MyPillow CEO Has Mic Muted After Launching Into Conspiracy-Laden Rant During CPAC Interview

MyPillow CEO Has Mic Muted After Launching Into Conspiracy-Laden Rant During CPAC Interview
Right Side Broadcasting Network/YouTube

At this year's Conservative Politcal Action Conference (CPAC), MyPillow CEO and ardent Trump supporter Mike Lindell appeared for an interview with the Right Side Broadcasting Network.

During the interview, Lindell waded into dangerous territory, sharing multiple false conspiracy theories regarding the pandemic.

At one point, Lindell's claims became so divorced from reality, the RSBN was forced to mute his microphone to avoid losing their platform on YouTube.

The moment, which is edited out of the above video, features Lindell going on a wild rant against the vaccine, saying:

"I'm telling you with the vaccine… if you get a vaccine, which is only 95% effective, they say, then they want you to do another one in six months, six months. Well, I'm telling you when you get that, what do you care what someone else does, if that person wants to come to a mall and they don't want to get a vaccine. This is our bodies, this is 'mark of the beast' stuff."

Lindell then begins to lash out against double-masking when his audio suddenly drops out, only reappearing a minute later when the host explains they have to be careful about spreading conspiracy theories.

Lindell was mocked online for his continued support of conspiracy theories.

Many conservatives online lashed out at the incident, describing it as "censorship" or "cancel culture."

However the organization that briefly muted Lindell is a conservative one whose main concern was simply staying on YouTube.

Lindell's unwavering support for Donald Trump and willingness to parrot any pro-Trump conspiracy theory has made him a staple in the Republican party.

Many online suspected the pillow CEO was a bit unstable.

It seems conservative news outlets are beginning to understand the consequences of spreading misinformation and lies—lawsuits—and are eager to avoid them, even if it means silencing the words of one of their own.