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Michelle Obama Steps In To Offer Support To Greta Thunberg After Trump's Mean-Spirited Comments

Michelle Obama Steps In To Offer Support To Greta Thunberg After Trump's Mean-Spirited Comments
NHAC NGUYEN/AFP via Getty Images; Giorgio Perottino / Getty Images

To no one's surprise, Trump once again shared a tweet that expressed his distaste for someone else's accomplishments.

Greta Thunberg, who is a sixteen-year-old climate activist, was the subject of a Trump tweet, but this round moved in her favor.

TIME announced Thunberg as their Person of the Year for 2019, which many people congratulated her for across all social media platforms, particularly Twitter.

In response to her congratulations, Trump took to Twitter to share his negative feelings about her selection for the TIME cover.

Trump wrote:

"So ridiculous. Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!"

The tweet proved to be extremely problematic in its phrasing and sentiment, nearly every word of it raising eyebrows across Twitter.

Donald Trump, Jr., also said that he felt Thunberg's selection was just a marketing gimmick, on behalf of TIME to increase magazine sales.

Not to mention the redesign that's now making the rounds on Twitter with Trump's head Photoshopped on the top of Thunberg's body.

With all of the negative messages circulating Twitter in light of Thunberg's selection, former First Lady Michelle Obama voiced her support of the sixteen-year-old girl.

Obama wrote:

"Don't let anyone dim your light. Like the girls I've met in Vietnam and all over the world, you have so much to offer us all. Ignore the doubters and know that millions of people are cheering you on."

Obama's tweet came like a breath of fresh air after all of the negative and critical tweets that were posted by high-end Republican accounts.

In contrast with Trump's degrading tweet, it also stood as an example for many of how to interact with and support a young person who wishes to make a difference.

Many onlookers began to show their unbridled support of Thunberg's accomplishments and TIME recognition, as well as their thanks for Obama's example.

Whether or not everyone agrees with everything Thunberg believes, one thing is for certain: Thunberg is interested in worldwide improvement and she's doing what she can to make a difference.

The best thing to do for someone who wishes to make future change is to support them and offer constructive feedback, not to tear them down.