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Lockdown Protester Scrawls Homophobic Message On His Truck To Target Openly-Gay Colorado Governor

Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images

A man from Loveland, Colorado raised the ire of the internet by writing a homophobic slur on his vehicle before driving around to protest the pandemic response of the state's openly gay governor.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis, like many state leaders in the U.S., exercised caution in choosing when to reopen businesses since a quick return could cause a second surge in deaths from the virus.

Many conservative protestors, however, see the inability to visit their usual public places as an unacceptable infringement upon their liberty, leading to protests throughout the country.

Michael Drewer is one such protester who made his feelings for Governor Jared Polis clear by scrawling a homophobic slur on his vehicle.

And what was it that made Drewer so angry?

He couldn't go to the gym.

The 61-year-old was identified by a local anti-fascism group on Twitter.

A quick search of the internet reveals Drewer is a die-hard Trump supporter.

Despite living in Colorado, which was not part of the Confederate uprising to protect slavery, Drewer frequently poses with Confederate iconography.

Though Colorado, like many states, is beginning to reopen following the pandemic-associated shutdowns, gyms are considered "high risk" spaces.

Dr. Saskia Popescu commented to Vox:

"Gyms can be difficult places to maintain social distancing and the volume of high-touch surfaces and objects makes them uniquely challenging for infection prevention efforts."

Twitter torched Drewer without hesitation.

Other people were focused on how the images shared online blurred Drewer's dog's face for privacy reasons.

Though Drewer angered many, he will be happy to know that Colorado's gyms will be open again before long.

Once they are, will he be able to find anyone to spot him?