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Man Says Missing Grandparents' Landline Has Called Family 16 Times Since Condo Collapse

WPLG Local 10/YouTube

Over 150 residents are missing from a 12 story condo in Miami that collapsed on Thursday, June 24.

Since then, the family of Champlain Towers South residents Arnie and Myriam Notkin, both in their 80s, have been receiving phone calls from the couple's landline that sat on their bedroom nightstand.

Initially, the family didn't know what to think of the calls.

Grandchild of Arnie and Myriam, Jake Samuelson, told WPLG Local 10:

"We were all sitting there in the living room, my whole family, Diane, my mother, and we were just shocked and we kind of thought nothing of it because we answered, and it was static."

The calls from Arnie and Myriam Notkin's phone went to the family's landline. They answered but they only hear static on the other end.

So far, the family has received 16 calls from the line but when the try to call back, it's a busy signal.

Samuelson said:

"We are trying to rationalize what is happening here, we are trying to get answers."

Many are still holding onto hope as more of the rubble is sifted through with rescue teams and K-9 units.

North Miami Beach Commissioner Fortuna Smukler, who knew the Notkin's and grew up with the family, said:

"At this point it would be a miracle… we're hoping for a miracle."

Fire Chief Alan Cominsky said:

"The biggest thing now is hope."
"That's what's driving us. It's an extremely difficult situation."

Our thoughts go out to those effected by this tragedy.