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Meteorologist Destroys Body-Shaming Troll In Epic Tweet: 'Your Words Bring Me Zero Shame'

Canadian meteorologist Kelsey McEwen didn't hold back after a Twitter troll shamed her for having a 'camel toe' and a 'bubble butt.'

Kelsey McEwen
George Pimentel/Getty Images

Kelsey McEwen—a Canadian meteorologist for CTV's Your Morning—shut down a body-shaming troll who shamed her for having a "camel toe" and a "bubble butt" after she appeared in a red outfit on the air.

The troll suggested it was irresponsible that "none of [McEwen's] cohorts" had told her to reconsider her appearance before delivering the daily weather report, concluding with the hashtag #redisnotyourfriend.

You can see their post below.

McEwan saw the troll's post and responded minutes later to let them know she feels "zero shame" about her appearance—and loves wearing red, too.

She replied:

"Listen, I own my body, camel toe [and] bubble butt included. Your words bring me zero shame. Your feelings about my body [and] outfit are a you problem, not a me problem."
"And red? Red is [fire emoji]."
"The only thing that isn’t my friend here, is you."

You can see her response below.

Shortly after McEwen posted her response, CityNews reporter Irene Preklet praised her:

"Well when I was at the gym this morning I saw you on TV and I thought you looked amazing. You go girl and wear what you want!!!"

Others also joined in to share their appreciation for McEwen's response and to condemn rampant sexism and misogyny online.

McEwen is no stranger to dealing with body-shamers online.

In 2017, she told an online critic to “check [their] priorities" after they complained about the skin-tight clothing she wore on the air while pregnant.

"Our bodies are no one’s business, pregnant or not," she added later, noting that self-worth "is not defined by our shape, number on the scale or size of clothing."

McEwen has also been open about the insidious impact of social media and photo and video filters, once using her Instagram story to show what she looks like with and without filters.

At the time, she told her viewers "not to compare their 'real' to a 'reel,'" comments which received significant online praise.