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The Way Trump And Biden Each Greeted Their Wives After The Debate Says Everything About Their Relationships


Many viewers had quite the uncomfortable experience watching the disorganized and often nonsensical first Presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

And it seems viewers at home weren't the only ones left a bit unsettled by the President's performance.

After the debate was over, both candidates were approached by their wives. Dr. Jill Biden greeted the former Vice President with a warm hug, while Melania Trump gave the President a firm hand-hold.

This is far from the first time Melania Trump has been caught giving her husband a less than warm reception.

Many on Twitter found the Trumps' hand-hold hilariously awkward.

The President and Melania Trump watched as the Bidens hugged, with the President jerking Melania's hand several times.

Many felt Melania's heart didn't seem to be in her greeting.

By now, Melania Trump should have learned every move is dissected when you appear on live television with the President.

Perhaps things will be a little less awkward at the next debate.