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Drag Queen's Showstopping Performance As George Santos Has The Internet In Stitches

Drag performer Meatball brought the house down with a routine where she tranformed from the GOP Rep. into his drag alter ego, Kitara Ravache.

Drag Queen's Showstopping Performance As George Santos Has The Internet In Stitches
Win McNamee/Getty Images; @chianne/TikTok

Listen, there's art, and then there's *art*, and this article is about the latter.

The internet is losing its collective mind, in a good way, over drag performer and Boulet Brother's Dragula alum Meatball's latest performance.

But this was no glitz-and-glamor fashionista posing drag performance. This was an impersonation.

Of who, you ask? Dolly Parton? Diana Ross? Cher? Judy Garland?

Great guesses all, but nowhere near as great as the actual answer.

Put your hands together for none other than the current king of lies Republican New York Congressman George Santos!

In the first half that is, because halfway through Meatball transforms into Santos' drag alter ego—allegedly!—Kitara Ravache.

Name a more instantly iconic drag performance.

And the performance couldn't have been more perfectly timed—Meatball took to the stage at New York's Nightgowns just as some members of Santos' beloved Republican Party are trying to outlaw drag performances in certain states.

Drag him, Meatball!

Meatball has the internet in absolute hysterics with the brilliant performance, which opened with a clip of Santos himself denying his drag queen when asked about it by a TikToker, despite the fact there is photographic and video evidence of him doing drag.

From there, Meatball, dressed as Santos in his usual dress pants and sweater combo, lip syncs to "This Is Me" from the musical film The Greatest Showman.

As the song reaches its apex, Meatball-as-Santos hits the apogee of his performance too, tearing away his Capitol-approved business casual togs to reveal the red sequined gown Kitara Ravache wore for her now notorious performance in Brazil that Santos insists never happened.

Of course, he also insists he's the descendant of Jewish Holocaust survivors and was the captain of the Hunter College volleyball team, both of which are verifiably false, so...

Anyway, the internet is absolutely in love with Meatball for dragging Santos to filth.

It almost makes the whole sordid Santos affair worth it.

Hats off, Meatball!