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Santos Says He 'Can't Stand' All The Attention He's Getting—And Cue The World's Tiniest Violin

The GOP Rep. told Piers Morgan he never would have run for office if he'd known what would happen.

George Santos
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

New York Republican Representative George Santos was mocked after he admitted he is a "terrible liar" during an interview with Piers Morgan. The freshman Congressman also said he regretted lying about his life.

Santos has been mired in scandal since New York Times reporters unearthed multiple lies he'd told about his life story. He now faces ethics investigations amid allegations he violated campaign finance law.

He also faces a reopened fraud investigation in Brazil, where he used to reside.

You can hear what Santos said in the video below.

Although Santos admitted to "embellishing" his résumé and questions remain about his education, work history and even his source of income, he has not heeded calls to step down from Congress, instead assuring GOP officials he will not run in 2024.

And even though he's in a hole he dug himself, Santos appeared to want viewers to feel sorry for him when he said he did not enjoy the attention his lies have garnered around the world and would never have run for office if he'd known he'd generate so much controversy.

Santos said:

"It's uncomfortable... Just last night, my husband and I went out to the movies, and as I was walking, from getting the tickets to getting to the concessions stand, to get to the theatre… ‘That’s George Santos, that’s George Santos’, the whispers all across the movie theatre. It’s strange."
"I can't stand it. A lot of people think I love it. I just can’t stand it."
"It’s something I’m going to have to learn how to deal with.”

Santos answered Morgan's questions about a slew of lies he's told, including about his education.

Santos admitted he "did not attain a college education" and called it "one of [his] biggest regrets in life." He nonetheless insisted he did not lie because he was interested in "tricking" people but because doing so was "about getting accepted by the (Republican) Party.”

Morgan, however, did not let Santos off easily—particularly after questioning why Santos lied about his mother being in the World Trade Center during the terror attacks of September 11, 2001—and said he struggles to believe anything Santos says.

Morgan said:

“The problem you have, congressman, seems to me is that you admit to certain big lies, and then you deny other big lies, and the problem people have is they don’t know when you’re lying and when you’re telling the truth."
“I’m not even sure now because how can I be?”

Santos acknowledged "that's a position [he's] put himself in" and said he believes he can fix his credibility issues:

“My credibility is what I’m gonna have a hard time and a long road to recover, and I stand clear and I stand certain that I’ll be able to do that.”

Many mocked Santos for attempting to generate sympathy for himself.

Despite his alleged discomfort with scandals of his own making, Santos appeared unrepentant earlier this month when he made headlines for remarks he made about Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney.

Romney told Santos "You don't belong here" during President Joe Biden's State of the Union address, a comment which prompted Santos to question Romney's Mormon values.

Santos called Romney's remarks "reprehensible" while talking to reporters. Romney, for his part, told the press he is embarrassed by Santos' shamelessness and said Santos should be "staying quiet" especially since he is facing an ethics investigation.