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Buffalo Mayor 'Deeply Disturbed' After Elderly Protester Is Shoved By Police And Smacks His Head On The Pavement

Buffalo Mayor 'Deeply Disturbed' After Elderly Protester Is Shoved By Police And Smacks His Head On The Pavement

*Content Warning: the following includes video that may be disturbing to some viewers

The internet erupted in outrage on Thursday, June 4, after video of Buffalo, New York police officers shoving a 75-year-old man to the ground went viral. After the public outcry, Buffalo's mayor issued a statement in response.

The disturbing video shows an elderly man approach armored police as they march across Niagara Square in Buffalo. After speaking with them for a short moment, the 75-year-old is shoved backward to the concrete.

In the video, captured by a nearby journalist, the man's head can be heard cracking against the ground. Moments later, blood can be seen dripping from his ear as the officers, including the one that pushed him, walk past without stopping to help.

The widely shared clip is below.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown issued a statement on Twitter responding to the incident.

Several people online pointed out that Brown seemingly attempted to prioritize irrelevant information in his statement.

In the original police report addressing the incident, the officers claimed "one person was injured when he tripped & fell."

It's likely these officers would have seen no consequences if not for a nearby reporter who was also approached by police after the incident.

According to the Mayor's statement, the two officers involved have now been suspended without pay.

But many online are calling for more serious action.

This video is one of many which portray police violence in response to peaceful protest which have emerged over the past week.

Many Buffalo locals also decried what appeared to be a conflict of interest since the same person handles PR for both the mayor and the police.

Emerging details about the injured man reveal he was a long time peace activist.

It's now been reported the elderly man is recovering in "serious but stable condition" at the Erie County Medical Center.

Hopefully, the 75-year-old will make a full recovery.