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Mayonnaise Flavored Ice Cream Is Now A Thing--And People Don't Know What To Think About It

Photo via ICE Artisan Ice Cream/Instagram

There's something really uncomfortable about mayonnaise. It tastes good on fries, sandwiches, in devliled eggs, potato salad--but do you really want to eat the viscous, odd concoction by itself? Well now, not only can you have mayonnaise by can have frozen mayonnaise by itself.

ICE Artisan Ice Cream in Falkirk, Scotland, posted an instagram of its brand new flavor---Hellman's mayonnaise flavored ice cream.

I'm sorry...what?!

Mayonnaise has unexpected uses in desserts--sometimes, it can be added into a mixture to moisten up cakes. Other times, it can be used to balance an overwhelming amount of sugar. However, straight frozen mayonnaise cream and custard sounds DIFFICULT, at best, to ingest. A lot of people on the internet are highly upset by the thought.

Some people were pointing out how EXCEEDINGLY white it is that there is now mayonnaise-flavored ice cream.

But even white people are upset.

But then you get the occasional mayonnaise freak who's actually into it.

For just $2.62 a scoop, you too can put this frozen, sweetened condiment into your mouth and hope it doesn't taste so awful that you shrivel up.

We don't know, Katie. We just don't know.

H/T: Time, Insider