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Matt Gaetz's Take On Ted Cruz's Apology Backfires After People Hilariously Use It Against Him

Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images; Joe Raedle/Getty Images

After Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas apologized for sneaking off to Cancun in the midst of his state's winter storm emergency, Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida surprised many with a shocking opinion on Twitter.

Gaetz apparently thought Cruz should not have apologized for leaving the state for a Mexican vacation at the very moment many Texans were struggling through a crisis.

Many on Twitter agreed, saying Cruz should instead resign.

The internet wondered what Gaetz's logic for his statement could possibly be.

When it comes to national reputation, Gaetz and Cruz are among America's least popular.

Cruz's flight to Cancun and Gaetz's support of it served as a direct contrast to the actions taken by Democrats like Beto O'Rourke and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who both dedicatedtime and resources to helping Texans.

Many were unsurprised to hear Matt Gaetz didn't understand Cruz's responsibilities as a public servant.

Ted Cruz's first responsibility is to the people of Texas who reelected him in 2018. When they needed him most, he was on his way to Cancun.

If Matt Gaetz doesn't understand why that's worth apologizing for, then his future as a politician isn't looking great.