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Matt Gaetz's Fiancée Gets Some Blunt Advice After Sharing Photo Of Gaetz's TV Interview Outfit

Matt Gaetz's Fiancée Gets Some Blunt Advice After Sharing Photo Of Gaetz's TV Interview Outfit
Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images

Life sure is surprising, isn't it? One minute you're breezily tweeting photos of your fiancé, cute caption and all. Then three days hence said fiancé is under federal investigation for an underage sex scandal. Life comes at you fast!

That's the type of week Ginger Luckey, fiancée to disgraced Republican Representative Matt Gaetz, is having.

And an innocuous photo she posted of him has suddenly become a repository for some very to-the-point advice.

In the photo Luckey posted, Gaetz is shown filming a TV appearance the way many media figures frequently do: formally dressed in a suit up top where the camera's pointed, and casually in shorts and flip flops down below.

Luckey gave her photo an upbeat caption saying that Gaetz had "#FloridaMan vibes" combined with a heart eyes emoji. "Florida man" isn't exactly a compliment--the phrase is typically used to describe the sort of "only in Florida" craziness we see in the news.

But that's probably the least of Luckey's worries at this point, as revelations of Gaetz's investigation have consumed the news cycle. A bombshell New York Times report has revealed allegations that Gaetz, among the most conservative Representatives in Congress and a die-hard supporter of former President Donald Trump, had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and paid for her to travel with him.

For his part, Gaetz claims the girl is his adopted son Nestor's girlfriend. But so far, it doesn't seem like even his fellow Republicans are buying it. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the top Republican in the House, called the allegations "serious," and rumors are swirling that Gaetz's own staff members are celebrating what seems sure to be Gaetz's political downfall.

In short, it seems like Gaetz is probably a sinking ship, and folks on Twitter had basically one response to Luckey's cutesy Twitter photo: RUN.

And that wasn't all people had to say about this whole mess.

Luckey and Gaetz met at a Trump fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago last March and though they got engaged soon after on New Year's Eve, Luckey told The Daily Mail they have not yet set a wedding date. Sounds like that's probably for the best.