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Thirst Trap Video Of A Topless Martha Stewart In Just An Apron And Nothing Else Has Fans Shook

The lifestyle mogul took to Instagram to promote Green Mountain Coffee.

Martha Stewart
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Hudson River Park Friends

Martha Stewart has been an iconic tastemaker when it comes to food and decor for decades. But in recent years she's also become a prolific social media personality.

And she's even mastered the art of the thirst trap, going viral several times over the past few years for boldly sexy Instagram posts that put a suggestive spin on her usually elegant, buttoned-up personality.

So when coffee company Green Mountain asked her to be their new social media pitchwoman, Stewart seems to have decided to wink and nod to her occasionally sexy internet persona by turning the coffee ads into not just thirst traps, but full-monty ones.

You can see Stewart's Instagram post here:

Well, full-monty-plus-an-apron, anyway.

Yes, Martha Stewart, the impossibly sophisticated woman who taught your mom how to make potatoes dauphinoise and makes gourmet food for her dogs is also pitching coffee topless except for an apron. The octogenarian's past as a model is evident in her ability to command the camera every time.

And the internet can't get enough.

The ad made quite a splash on Instagram when it first dropped last month just in time for pumpkin spice season, complete with a punny tagline about autumn-themed nudity.

Stewart's caption read:

"When you brew full-flavored Pumpkin Spice coffee at home with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, there’s no need for a coffee run—so savings come naturally."
"Join me and let’s go #FallNaturale with @greenmtncoffee"

"#FallNaturale"—we see what you did there, Martha.

And you gotta admit she looks great—like just in general, let alone for someone who is 81 years old.

Of course, she is the woman who brought us this forever-iconic thirst trap in 2020.

Good for her!

Anyway, it may have taken a month or so for Stewart's ad to jump off on Twitter, but once it did?

People were shook.

Honestly may we all have Martha Stewart's poise and confidence.