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Gay Congressman Eviscerates GOP Colleagues For Attacking LGBTQ+ Rights Act In Powerful Speech


After Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia made headlines by hanging a transphobic poster outside of her office, many of her Democratic colleagues in the House have condemned her in no uncertain terms.

Democratic Congressman Mark Pocan of Wisconsin, who supports the House's Equality Act and also happens to be gay, was clearly affected by her bigotry.

Pocan would later take to the House floor to deliver a speech calling out his GOP colleagues for their bigotry.

Pocan said during his speech:

"I was going to talk about the need for equal treatment under the law, for everyone regardless of who they love.... But the QAnon vibe in this chamber has gone too far."
"This new QAnon spirit across the aisle is occurring in a nasty and hateful way. A lead GOP opponent of this bill actually posted an anti-trans poster on the wall outside her office, directly and intentionally across from a Democratic member of Congress with a trans daughter."

Twitter was inspired by Pocan's impassioned speech and backed him up on Twitter.

Some were shocked the GOP would condone such hatred from within their ranks.

LGBTQ+ Americans from inside and outside Pocan's district were glad he was in Congress to represent them.

There is a stark contrast between the GOP's approach to equality and the Democrats' approach.

That difference has never been clearer than now.