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Fox News Host Claims Trump Hasn't Had A 'Hint Of Scandal' While He's Been President

Fox News Host Claims Trump Hasn't Had A 'Hint Of Scandal' While He's Been President
LevinTV, Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Fox News host Mark Levin has eyes rolling after he defended President Trump by saying that "there hasn't even been a hint of scandal" while he's been in office.

The comments came during Monday's episode of Levin's BlazeTV show LevinTV in response to news that Republican Sen. Mitt Romney has been using a fake "Pierre Delecto" Twitter account to criticize the President.

At one point Levin, who also hosts the weekend Fox News show Life, Liberty & Levin, remarks:

"I wish I was questioning Romney, because I would ask him, 'Do you think it was the right thing in World War II for FDR to build an alliance not just with Churchill, of course, but with Stalin, who murdered 30 million of his own people? What do you think about that, Willard?'"

He then adds:

"I mean, if I can go through history, one case after another, how people are so terribly imperfect. But I will say this about our President: While he's been President there hasn't even been a hint of scandal. Not a hint. And I can talk about past Presidents who, while they've been in office, scandal after scandal after scandal about their personal lives."


Trump's lack of scandals certainly came as surprising news to most people, considering that there has been a seemingly endless flow of scandals surrounding Trump since before he even took office.

Whatever Levin is selling, Twitter isn't buying it.



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