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Marco Rubio Slammed After Trying To Shame Media For Reporting On QAnon Congresswoman

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

GOP Senator Marco Rubio of Florida may disagree with fellow Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene's unhinged conspiracy theories, but the people he's got a real problem with are the media who report on her.

In a recent tweet, Rubio denounced the media who make conspiracy theorists "famous" by reporting on them.

Twitter immediately called out Rubio, pointing out ignoring the bad behavior of conspiracy theorists enables them to continue.

Many called out Rubio's support for President Donald Trump, who was well known for spreading conspiracy theories on a regular basis.

Rubio is willing to speak about what's right, but many feel he stops a bit short of doing what's brave.

Rubio's support for the former President definitely made it easier for many Twitter users to dunk on him.

In response to his tweet, many called on Rubio to denounce Greene by name.

Marco Rubio doesn't seem to have convinced many people with his tweet, but maybe some of the responses to it will change his mind and drive him to denounce violent rhetoric and conspiracy theories.