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Ever Wonder Which Country Most of the World Voted Most Dangerous? There's a Map For That

Notice the pattern?

Ever Wonder Which Country Most of the World Voted Most Dangerous? There's a Map For That
Photo Credit: EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images

A 2013 map representing the countries the world worries most about is making the rounds on the Internet.

In a survey involving 65 different countries, nations were asked which country they view as the biggest threat to world peace. Keep in mind, this was in the era before Donald Trump became president. It seems like the US has a lousy international reputation.

"US was deemed the country posing the largest threat to world peace in 2013...pre-Trump," tweeted @reallyglobal:

And the winner is... the United States. Coming in second was Pakistan. China took third place.


"How embarrassing...looks like even the Ukrainians picked us over the Russians. Weird...The map of the world according to who every country thinks is most dangerous," Kenneth Rapoza tweeted.

Here is the map. It speaks for itself.

Photo Credit: Reddit/

This only exacerbates nearly universal feelings of existential thread and embarrassment over the state of our country. Just today, yet another school shooting by a white male with an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle claimed 17 lives. Is it really that surprising, then, that the US scares the world the most?



Hey Ms. Parker nailed it. "It's crazy how the US is number one in Mass shootings over every other country in the world including over the most DANGEROUS countries Iraq, Syria, cape Town etc"

"If more guns made us safer this would even the safest country in the world. It's not. It's the most dangerous "civilized" country in the world. Get a grip. More guns is not the answer." Yes, exactly, Eleanor Prescott.

In another map, showing which countries were voted the most toxic, the US didn't do so well either. We scored in the 71-90 range, which means we are seen as pretty toxic.

This is humiliating.Photo Credit: THE ECO EXPERTS

We have some serious work to do.