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Guy's Hack For Carrying His Groceries Home On Just An Electric Scooter Is Truly Impressive

A video of a clever man using a vest with carabiners attached to it to carry home his groceries quickly went viral on TikTok and Twitter.

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How do you get a week's worth of groceries home if it's too far to just walk, but you don't have a car or public transport options?

You come up with a truly innovative way to attach grocery bags to yourself and take your electric scooter.

In a video that first went viral on TikTok and then migrated over to Twitter with an equally impressed audience, a couple films—with consent—the imaginative way one man managed to take more than 5 grocery bags and a watermelon home on an electric scooter.

See for yourself here:

People were really impressed by his ingenuity.

Some folks talked about how they used to make similar situations work for them, or currently do.

When some people suggested crowdfunding for a car for the man, others pointed out maybe he doesn't want one.

They did have another suggestion for him, though.

People were anxious to see what he did with the watermelon.

And, finally, it made people see their own problems in a new light.

Here's hoping that watermelon felt protected all the way home and he didn't have too many sharp corners to take.