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Missouri Man Charged With Making Terrorist Threat After Filming Himself Licking Products At Walmart

Missouri Man Charged With Making Terrorist Threat After Filming Himself Licking Products At Walmart
KMOV St. Louis/Youtube; Warren County Police Department

To stem the viral pandemic's spread, health officials have unanimously advised people to stay home as much as possible and remain at least six feet away from others in public.

Believe it or not, those esteemed scientists did not feel the need to advise against licking things in public.

So of course, someone licked things in public.

When a 26-year-old man entered a Walmart in Warrenton, Missouri, he was still following guidelines, making one of the few trips out of the house that state and local governments have deemed "essential."

However, he quickly engaged in the nonessential act of filming himself as he ran his tongue along an entire shelf of deodorant.

The caption on the video? "I'm a nasty motha f***er."

In addition to being "nasty," the man could be guilty of "making a terrorist threat." He was arrested by the Warrenton County Police Department and charged with that low-level felony, Riverfront Times reports.

KMOV St. Louis shared his original video, which captured the typewriter-esque lick.

Before the arrest and charges were made, the video went viral on the internet, dooming the Warrenton Police Department to weather the storm of an onslaught of people voicing concern.

The police department's Facebook post suggested that complaints came from far away places outside even the United States.

Several comments on the Facebook page used the story to take generalized aim at Missouri's approach to public health.

Nicole Priest/Facebook

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Others had their own ideas about appropriate punishment.

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And even though justice was brought to the licker, the internet still felt the need to voice its horror and judgment.

Again, even though no health official has explicitly covered the guidance around licking items in public, rest assured, they ought to remain unlicked.

Really, no more licking things, everybody. At least wait until this all blows over to start licking everything. Even then, maybe don't do that.