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Malaysian Restaurant Makes It Clear That They'll Charge Rude Diners Extra With Brutal Signs 😮

Facebook: Jonathan Teoh

Not since Jerry Seinfield's "The Soup Nazi" have we been so afraid to order food.

A restaurant in Johor Bahru, Malaysia isn't putting up with your nonsense and they are not joking around. Rude customers get an upcharge of RM 10 which is roughly $2.30 American added onto the bill. It's not like customers aren't warned. There is a series of signs letting everyone know the rules.

Facebook user, Jonathan Teoh posted the sign to his account, you know, just so we are all clear. Got it? Now straighten up and stop fooling around!

People were getting a kick out of the sign.

This wiseguy is just looking for trouble. We don't know him, we swear!

We're getting flashbacks.

We promise to be good and follow all the rules, please feed us.

H/T: Mashable, The Star