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Gay Politician Speaks Out After Trolls Shame Him For Sharing A Photo Of His Boyfriend On Valentine's Day

Gay Politician Speaks Out After Trolls Shame Him For Sharing A Photo Of His Boyfriend On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day about love and friendship, not hate and judgments.

But clearly, some homophobic trolls didn't get that memo when they decided to come out of the woodwork and attack British Member of Parliament, Luke Pollard, for his Valentine's Day tweet.

Pollard has not hidden the fact he is Gay, even in his role as a politician.

On Valentine's Day, he shared a little bit of love with his boyfriend, Sydney Robertson, and the rest of the Twitterverse by tweeting:

"Happy Valentine's Day to my lovely boyfriend!"

Some trolls were blatantly homophobic.

Other trolls focused on the couple's age gap while ignoring the many heterosexual politicians with much younger partners.

Fortunately, there were some who decided to show their support for Pollard.

A few also said people should just let people live and love.

Pollard later confessed the hateful responses of homophobia, ageism and even racism against Robertson's heritage really surprised him.

"In my mind, Valentine's Day is all about love."
"My newsfeed was full of people sharing messages and pictures of their other halves."
"Me sharing a picture of me and Sydney going on a walk with Plymouth Sound in the background, it's no different than any of my friends' pictures. It's exactly the same thing."
"When you're in the public eye, there will always be people who jump on you. But there's simply no place for these homophobic or racist comments."
"[But] I feel very sorry for the people who led the attacks. They must be pretty lonely if seeing other people happy is a threat to them."

Pollard tweeted again to share he and Robertson weren't letting the hateful comments get in the way.

"Thank you for all the messages of support, love, and kindness over the past 24 hours."
"Sydney and me are doing fine, and we are not letting the trolls win."

In fact, Pollard was actually able to celebrate a new boom of followers over the next 24 hours.

It's inspiring to see someone who was verbally attacked so ruthlessly, and over a special holiday weekend, taking the high road.

Since more people are encouraging others to be supportive of other people living their truth, hopefully that will become the norm in the near future.