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Logan Paul Warned Twitter That 'The Matrix Is Real'—And Andrew Tate Flipped The Tables On Him

Tate responded to Paul's tweet by informing him 'you are the Matrix' in a bizarre beef for the ages.

Andrew Tate; Logan Paul
DANIEL MIHAILESCU/AFP via Getty Images; Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In a new chapter in the ongoing trend in which the entire right-wing has completely misinterpreted the film The Matrix, right-wing darlings Andrew Tate and Logan Paul are now fighting about who is and is not part of "The Matrix."

"The Matrix" in the right-wing sense, that is, meaning things like "consequences" and "rule of law" and other supposedly "liberal" things they find distasteful and not the explicitly leftist film helmed by feminist and Hollywood nice guy Keanu Reeves.

To say right-wing "Alpha males" lost the plot is a massive understatement.

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Tate of course is presently embroiled in an ongoing debacle in which he is being held accountable for allegedly being a rapist, an international criminal and sex trafficker, a mess he blames on "The Matrix" trying to destroy him.

As for Paul, he is currently at the center of an uproar stemming from his alleged abandonment of a pig he purchased to make content, which he thought at the time was a mini pig but turned out to be the regular giant farm kind.

And while Paul is not as explicitly right-wing as Tate, it seems he shares Tate's misunderstanding of The Matrix and is playing victim to it.

Paul tweeted:

"the matrix is real. pray you never become its target."

It's not clear what Paul was referencing—many have presumed it's the whole pig brouhaha, but with these right-wing types you can never be sure.

For all we know, Paul's infamous YouTube feed is a secret backchannel for Russian gun-runners or something and the Feds just got hip to him.

Anyway, perhaps because Paul has been vocally critical of Tate's horrific rhetoric about women in recent years—or maybe because he's just this self-absorbed—Tate seems to have assumed Paul's tweet was aa reference to him and responded.

Tate tweeted:

"You are the Matrix. You are an Agent."

"But the Matrix is cracking."

"And now you will pay the price."

As of yet Paul has not responded, but others on Twitter had plenty to say about this deeply silly "Matrix" nonsense.

As of now abandoning your pet pig is not subject to international criminal liabilities, so at this point we have to grudgingly give this one to Paul.

Better luck next time, Tate.