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Wealthy GOP Senator Dragged After Saying She's Been 'Canceled' For Opposing Black Lives Matter

Wealthy GOP Senator Dragged After Saying She's Been 'Canceled' For Opposing Black Lives Matter
Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Controversial GOP Senator Kelly Loeffler has been the subject of an epic Twitter dragging for tweeting that she's been "canceled" because of her oppositional stance to the Black Lives Matter movement.

She called BLM "a Marxist group."

Loeffler tweeted the comment on Wednesday.

It immediately touched off a firestorm.

As many pointed out, being a sitting Senator, a multi-millionaire part owner of a WNBA franchise and someone who has walked away from a deeply unethical and illegal insider trading scandal with no consequences whatsoever, it's hard to argue that Loeffler has been in any way "canceled."

Which may be why she seemed to completely change tactics later in the day with a subsequent tweet in which she cited "the left's failedattempt to cancel me."

So what spurred this supposed cancellation in the first place?

It comes down to Loeffler's part-ownership of WNBA franchise the Atlanta Dream, all but two players of which are Black and many of whom are vocal supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a statement she penned to the WNBA, Loeffler accused BLM of engaging in "mob rule" in "lawless autonomous zones" in Atlanta.

"This is not a political movement that the league should be embracing, and I emphatically oppose it."

In a subsequent interview with ESPN, Loeffler went on to level shocking and untrue accusations against the Black Lives matter movement and what it stands for.

"The Black Lives Matter political organization advocates things like ... destroying the nuclear family. It promotes violence and antisemitism."

And she implied that the mission of Black Lives Matter is un-American and has no place in sports because it may alienate fans.

"They may feel excluded from this sport and other sports that make them feel like American values aren't at the core of what we're doing here."

Understandably, her comments have enraged many, including players on her WNBA team.

Former Atlanta Dream point guard Layshia Clarendon was unsparing in her summation of Loeffler.

She tweeted:

“I can't believe I ever stepped foot in Kelly's house and shared a meal with her. It's actually really hurtful to see her true colors. I had no idea while I played for ATL she felt this way. Happy to own us as long as we stay quiet and perform."

But of course, vocal disagreement does not equal "cancelation."

Since Loeffler faced no real repercussions for her comments, many people on Twitter found her Wednesday comments ridiculous.

Loeffler, who had no political experience prior to joining the Senate in January of this year, was appointed to her seat by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp to replace retired Senator Johnny Isakson. She is currently polling behind Representative Doug Collins to keep the seat.