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Little Girl With 3-D Printed Hand Completes Her Goal Of Throwing Out First Pitch At All 30 MLB Parks ❤️

Little Girl With 3-D Printed Hand Completes Her Goal Of Throwing Out First Pitch At All 30 MLB Parks ❤️
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Hailey Dawson is an 8-year-old from Henderson, Nevada. Born with Poland syndrome, three fingers on her right hand never developed. The inspirational little girl has never let that stop her, though. As baseball fans, her and her big brother Zach (he's about 4 years older than Hailey) hatched a scheme - for Hailey to throw a first pitch at every MLB park. This past Sunday, she checked off her final park, throwing out the first pitch for the Angels at their stadium in Anaheim, CA.

Hailey had a blast on her personal quest. After each first pitch, she would happily bust out a dance - usually the dab. This last one was no exception ... aside from being slightly more epic. Hailey really put her all into this last happy dance, and for good reason! By achieving her personal goal she also casually set a world record. Also, the Angels won that game. We're not saying Hailey's extra-oomphy dab dance was magic or anything, but evidence is evidence.

All told, her mission took over three years to complete and was chronicled across social media.

The idea is to help raise awareness for kids who, like Hailey, use prosthetic devices. Prosthetic devices can be expensive and need to be routinely maintained. This can be especially costly for kids since their bodies grow and change so rapidly. Hailey and her family want to do their part to help make sure as many people as possible can access the devices they need, so they're working to raise funds for UNLV. The university's students and faculty have are responsible for creating Hailey's much-needed hands. Her quest to get to 30 was also assisted by United Airlines who pitched in with travel arrangements.

There were a lot of hands - and a lot of help - involved in this mission.

Now that she's done, Twitter is celebrating her victory just as hard as she did! Also her dab. Twitter is REALLY into that dab.

Between pitching at all 30 parks, being a great ambassador for UNLV, and having the worlds first internet-approved dab, we've got to say - Hailey might be having the best week ever right now.

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