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This Viral Video Of A Very Excited Little Girl Meeting Michelle Obama Will Put A Smile On Your Face 😍

Twitter Jarrett Hill

Former First Lady Michelle Obama had a very big day while promoting her new memoir, Becoming.

While signing books, Obama received some pretty special hugs from a little girl named Solice. The child was overcome with joy at meeting her hero, and the happiness was overflowing. The exchange was captured on video and shared to Twitter, where it has received more than four million views.

This one is so sweet that we imagine there are plenty of repeat watchers.

People had to wipe away tears to see their screens.

A whole lot of people "weren't crying" — so, of course, they all were.

Maybe we cry because of the deeper meaning in this exchange.

What a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Who are we kidding? We would all act the same.

Some warm fuzzies just in time for the holidays.