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Democratic Podcast Host Has A New Nickname For Senator Lindsey Graham—And Twitter Totally Agrees

Congressman Lindsey Graham (R) has had a ROUGH week.

First, there was just the fact that he's generally disliked by American voters for his obvious flip-flopping and blind loyalty of President Trump, even after harshly rebuking Trump during the 2016 campaign.

Of course, things only got worse for Graham when news broke that he'd accepted $800K from Russian oligarchs.

Seeing where Graham's loyalties truly lie, Twitter user and podcast host Scott Dworkin started the hashtag #LapdogLindsey, which caught on like wildfire.

Graham's hypocrisy is famous on Capital Hill.

For the better part of a week, Twitter produced daily trending hashtags aimed straight at Graham.

The congressman, of course, wished that wasn't the case.

Many Twitter users had a good time working all of Lindsey's hashtags into their posts.

People online couldn't wait to see what news about Graham came out next.

Once upon a time, Graham claimed to stand up for the ideals he believed in. Then, he realized supporting Donald Trump would be more politically expedient.

Trump may be the first President in quite a while to not have a canine companion, but at least he's got the next best thing #LindseyTheLapdog.