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Musical Parrot Goes Viral After Belting Out Beyoncé's 'If I Were A Boy' Better Than Most Humans

In troubled times like these, we could all use something to give us a small pick-me-up.

Fortunately, just when we needed him most, Chico the Parrot from Lincolnshire Wildlife Park in England, arrived on the internet to make our day.

Chico is a beautiful, green, nine-year-old parrot, which is pretty cool on its own. But Chico also has a special talent.

He can sing Beyoncé better than almost anyone but the Queen B herself.

Chico's outstanding pipes are going viral all over the world.

There are many humans out there who only wish they could sing like Chico.

Chico can reportedly also sing "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga, "Firework" by Katy Perry and "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley.

The original video of Chico, posted by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Park's Facebook page, has over 20,000 views.

Chico might just be the bird to save 2020.

Hopefully Chico and Beyoncé unite to do an epic duet sometime very soon.