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Former GOP Candidate Calls Teletubbies 'Little Gay Demons' For Wanting To Collab With Lil Nas X

Former GOP Candidate Calls Teletubbies 'Little Gay Demons' For Wanting To Collab With Lil Nas X
@laurenwitzkeofficial/Instagram; @TeletubbiesHQ/Twitter

Lil Nas X seems to become more iconic with each passing day, so it was probably only a matter of time before he became online BFFs with iconic A-listers like The Teletubbies.

And like everything Lil Nas X does, even becoming friends with adorable...alien babies? (what exactly ARE the Teletubbies anyway?) has outraged conservatives.

Case in point: would-be Republican politician Lauren Witzke, who was so outraged by a playful Twitter exchange between the Teletubbies and Lil Nas X that she called Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa Laa and Po "little gay demons" in an Instagram post, seen below.

Hey Lauren, 2002 called and it wants its homophobic pearl-clutching back.

It all began when the adorable multi-colored little weirdos celebrated the drop of Lil Nas X's new album Montero by tweeting a request that they "feature on the next album."

And Lil Nas X was gamely all about the idea.

The Teletubbies tweeted back they'd see Lil Nas X in the studio.

The internet has already marked its collective calendar for the drop of these new jams. You know Dipsy and Po got bars!

But conservatives never saw a fun moment involving an LGBTQ person that they didn't immediately want to stomp on. So here came Witzke, a failed Republican candidate for Senate, former far-right television host and QAnon devotee.

Witzke, who lost her 2020 Senate bid by more than 20 points to incumbent Democratic Senator Chris Coons, saw only one thing and one thing only in this Twitter conversation between a rapper and, we remind you, fictional baby aliens (we think?), and that thing was homosexual Satanism.

Of course, that shouldn't exactly be surprising, coming from an avowed theocrat. Witzke, who describes herself as an "American Christian Nationalist," spent her 2020 campaign advocating against same-sex marriage, calling her opponent a "Christian-hating baby killer" and calling trans people "demonic" "pedophiles."

Nevertheless, people on Instagram couldn't believe Witzke was this pressed about Lil Nas X collaborating with—we cannot stress this enough—fictional baby aliens.

They came in hot with clapbacks and mockery for Witzke.











Anyway, while Witzke was busy having a meltdown about satanic gay Teletubbies Lil Nas X became the most streamed rapper on Spotify. Your move, Lauren.