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Georgia Lawmaker Urged To Resign After Yelling Racial Slurs And Exposing Himself On Sacha Baron Cohen's Show

He became the butt of the prank.

Georgia Lawmaker Urged To Resign After Yelling Racial Slurs And Exposing Himself On Sacha Baron Cohen's Show
Showtime (YouTube)

Sacha Baron Cohen's new Showtime show, Who Is America? has already caused quite a stir. Last night, Episode 2 premiered and a lawmaker from Georgia has found himself in boiling hot water following his appearance on the show.

Republican Representative Jason Spencer has found himself the subject of condemnation after his performance on Who Is America? In Episode 2, Sacha Baron Cohen revisits his character Erran Morad, an Israeli military expert. In the full length clip that Showtime released on YouTube, Spencer meets with Erran Morad (played by Sacha Baron Cohen) to learn Krav Maga — an Israeli self-defense and fighting technique.

In the video, Morad has a lesson in three parts. The first is titled, "How To: Identify A Terrorist Under A Burka." Erran Morad tells Spencer that he has come up with a way to identify whether or not someone in a burka is a terrorist or not. He goes on to explain that if Spencer pretends to be Chinese he can use a selfie stick to take a picture under the woman's burka to make sure she isn't packing explosives or a firearm. Spencer goes on to practice this technique, donning an offensive accent and inaccurate "Chinese" phrases (including "sushi" and "red dragon").

Part two of the lesson is called, "How To Stop A Kidnapping." Morad explains to Spencer, "In America there is one forbidden word — the n-word". He goes on to tell Spencer that he has three seconds to attract attention so that he does not get kidnapped by Isis. Spencer screams the word repeatedly with gusto.

Last, Morad teaches Spencer "How To Intimidate A Terrorist". Morad says, "Isis are scared of being seen as homo." He continues, "If your buttock touch them, it means they have become..." Spencer finishes, "a homosexual". The video finally concludes with Spencer pulling down his pants, backing into Morad who is posing as Isis, and screaming things like, "I'll touch you with my buttocks," "I'll make you a homosexual," and "USA motherf-----!"

Jason Spencer's reprehensible behavior is jolting, but many people are not surprised.

Unfit he is, and it seems that Mr. Spencer's lawmaking days were already numbered, even before the damning episode aired, as he was voted out of office in May.

To see the full clip of Jason Spencer in Who Is America?, click below.

H/T: The Hill, YouTube