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Gun-Loving Colorado Rep. Slammed For Her Hollow 'Prayers' After Deadly Shooting In Boulder

Gun-Loving Colorado Rep. Slammed For Her Hollow 'Prayers' After Deadly Shooting In Boulder
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert of Colorado has spent her time in Congress advocating for "second amendment rights" at every opportunity, even going so far as promising to carry firearms at the Capitol and posing in front of a wall of assault rifles.

But after the devastating mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, Boebert took to Twitter to offer her thoughts and prayers.

Though Boebert described the attack as "senseless," many online found its cause pretty easy to understand.

The relaxed gun control laws Boebert herself has championed are a definite factor putting weapons in the hands of White supremacists and other domestic terrorists.

The Boulder shooting is the latest in a seemingly endless string of mass shootings the United States refuses to address before or after such tragedies because it "isn't the right time."

In so many other countries, the solution has been simple and effective—stricter gun control legislation.

Boebert feels bad for the victims of this latest mass shooting, but it won't stop her from glorifying guns at every available opportunity.

Guns are tools whose primary purpose is to damage and kill living things more efficiently.

Responsible gun owners recognize that fact and behave accordingly.

At this point, people feel politicians who refuse to take action to curb gun violence are complicit accomplices to future deaths.

Lauren Boebert is trying to cast herself as a hero who regrets the inevitable gun deaths in her home state, but Twitter seemed to see her as one of the many Republican politicians whose stonewalling universal background checks and the closing of loopholes make gun violence all too common in America.