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MTG's 'National Divorce' Idea Is So Hair-Brained Even Laura Ingraham Thinks It's Ridiculous

The Fox News host poked holes in the MAGA Rep.'s plan to separate red and blue states into two separate countries.

Fox News screenshot of Laura Ingraham addressing Marjorie Taylor Greene's "national divorce" proposal
Fox News

Fox News personality Laura Ingraham criticized Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, saying "national divorce" idea would likely fail to "withstand legal scrutiny."

Ingraham made her comments after Greene came under fire for calling for red states to secede from the United States and suggesting a "national divorce" is in order.

Greene claimed "everyone" she talks to believes the country "need[s] to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government" to escape "sick and disgusting woke culture issues" furthered by Democrats' "traitorous America Last policies."

But Ingraham suggested a "national divorce" would actually not help conservatives, pointing out that the traditionally red states of Arkansas and Georgia gave us Democratic Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter respectively and that strong blue states like New York and California gave us Republican Presidents Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan.

Ingraham couldn't resist criticizing Democrats of course—suggesting they'd "given up on America"—but was firm in her assessment of Greene's idea that Republicans should not fall into the same trap, a striking dismissal of the proposal.

You can hear what Ingraham said in the video below.

Ingraham said:

“First of all, a law prohibiting American citizens who have not committed a crime from voting would probably not withstand legal scrutiny."
“And second: How would a national divorce be good for conservatism? Now, why would we want to embrace the states that gave us Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton but essentially give up on the states that gave us Reagan and Trump?”
“The last thing we need is an American breakup of any sort. Remember, a motto of this show ― almost from the start over five years ago ― has been ‘No state left behind.'"
“Just because it often seems like Democrats have given up on America themselves doesn’t mean ever that Republicans or conservatives should.”

Blue states tend to be wealthier than red states and pay more money to the federal government than they receive so they effectively subsidize low-tax red states.

An Associated Press fact-check notes that high-tax red states "send far more tax dollars to Washington than residents in low-tax states" and the majority of low-tax states "make a profit from the federal government’s system of taxing and spending."

In fact, a "national divorce" would likely bankrupt red states—and Ingraham and the executives at Fox News know they can't afford to alienate their valuable viewer base.

Many couldn't help but remark that Ingraham's break with Greene is a sign that even she thinks the loud-mouthed reactionary has gone too far.

Greene's call for a "national divorce" is not a new one given that she polled her Twitter followers in October 2021 on the same topic only to be met with considerable pushback even by members of her own party who pointed out that such a proposal is unconstitutional.

Her undemocratic and authoritarian ideas were criticized further this week after she said red states should impose a 5-year voting moratorium for Democrats who move to them in an effort to kneecap their power as a viable voting bloc.

Greene said those who move from blue states—which Republicans have long alleged are falling apart due to Democratic leadership—should not get to "bring [their] values" to red states, essentially punishing any left-leaning person regardless of the individual policies they may or may not support.