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Expert Reveals Why Using Too Much Laundry Detergent Can Actually Ruin Your Clothes

TikToker and mom @jess_loves_2save explained how using too much detergent can actually cause oily-looking stains on your clothes while gunking up your washing machine—and offered tips on how to avoid the issues.

Screenshots from @sleeptalkingsam and @jess_loves_2save's TikTok videos
@sleeptalkingsam/TikTok; @jess_loves_2save/TikTok

We've all heard of Big Pharma, and most of us have heard of Big Food, but now we need to be aware of Big Laundry?

And Big Laundry really wants you to believe that you need more, more, more if you want to have clean clothes and linens.

But TikToker and mom @jess_loves_2save argued in a recent series of videos that "more" was actually the exact opposite of what you should want, and when you adopt a new routine your washing machine and your clothes will thank you.

Fellow TikToker Sam @sleeptalkingsam came on to TikTok, seeking solutions for the "grease stains" or "oil stains" she was seeing on all of her clothes after washing them. Her TikTok comments blew up in agreement with a unified cry of, "Help!"

Jess then swooped in with a stitched video to Sam's, stating that she had experienced the same oil stains when her son came home from college for a visit and began doing his laundry in her home. It reached a point where Jess was considering buying an entirely new machine!

But the truth soon came out, and that truth could be summarized as, "Less is more."

You can watch the video here:


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After watching her son do his laundry, it clicked for Jess, who noticed that her son had put an entire cap's worth of laundry detergent into the machine, as well as the cap itself to wash it out, which is a common practice on TikTok.

Jess then clarified for her son that people only needed to use two tablespoons of detergent at most to get clothes clean, followed by wool dryer balls in the dryer to tumble dry the clothes. Excessive detergent, as well as scent beads and laundry softener, are not necessary.

Jess's TikTok followers were relieved to hear an explanation for their frustrations.








While it can be frustrating to think that you might not even be able to do laundry the right way, Jess's information is actually great news.

Not only will one purchase of laundry detergent stretch much further this way, but costs can also be decreased by not purchasing scent beads or fabric softeners, all of which can be incredibly expensive.

The more you know!