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Man Accidentally Blows Up His Own Kitchen After Trying To Smash Fly With Electric Swatter

Ashish Kumar/GettyImages

An elderly man in France wound up blowing up his kitchen when he tried to zap a fly with his electric swatter.

The 82-year-old man, who lives alone, was about to have his dinner on Friday night at approximately 7:45 p.m. when a fly began distracting him from enjoying his meal.

The unnamed man had a solution with the fly zapper—a racket-style device with an electric mesh— to off his winged intruder with a simple swing.

However, he was not aware of the fact that the gas canister outside his home had been leaking and the gas was accumulating under a fixture in his kitchen.

The reaction from the electric device caused an explosion which destroyed the kitchen and partly damaged the roof of his home that is located in the tiny village of Parcoul-Chenaud.

According to the BBC, the homeowner managed to survive the explosion but suffered hand burns.

France Bleu reported that his house is currently uninhabitable, and he paid to stay at a campsite while his family repairs his kitchen.

People commented on social media about the all-too-familiar ordeal.

People thought it was hardly surprising considering the year we've had.

Sud Ouest reported that while the man is okay, the fate of the fly remains unknown.