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If We Renamed Things Using Kid Lingo, The World Would Be A Much Simpler Place

If We Renamed Things Using Kid Lingo, The World Would Be A Much Simpler Place
(Schöning/ullstein bild via Getty Images, @SuzanneBlakeman/Twitter)

A child sees tangible objects more clearly than adults, and it has nothing to do with wearing glasses.

It's about their unfiltered perception for identifying the things around them at a basic level being sharper than our calculated rationale.

So when a kid calls something out as he or she sees them, it can be jarring but makes a whole lot of sense.

Thanks to Tessa Dare's anecdote on Twitter about her friend's 5-year-old calling a crow a "Halloween Eagle," people began favoring kids' lingo over definitions assigned by the dictionary and shared examples of their own.

I can't see rhinos as the same species anymore.

The etymology for "wallet" can be traced back to the 14th century when the word denoted a knapsack, or a bag for provisions, in Middle English.

However, this makes much more sense.

I would like TV crime procedurals to adopt these terms, please. Especially the 'boo boo trucks.' "Someone, call a boo boo truck immediately!"

I'm not alone in agreeing with this one.

Si, senior!

It's the grim truth.

You gotta hand it to the kid.

This could also apply to da Vinci's "The Vitruvian Man" very easily.

This holds truth.

Shhh, there's oncoming foot traffic.


I need to get some pork chops and apple sauce, so I'm stopping by 'yay meat' first.

Don't underestimate the power of kids' lingo. Sometimes they make a lot more sense than the dictionary.

Ya know?


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