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Kerry Washington Asked Kids What They Think Of Trump—And Their Answers Were Pretty Brutal

Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Kerry Washington and the children of America are done pulling punches in the year 2020.

Washington, who recently starred in Hulu's Little Fires Everywhere, an adaptation of the novel by Celeste Ng, was the guest host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! for a couple of days this week. As the thirteenth guest host this summer, she decided to shake up her segment a little by asking kids a series of questions about voting.

The kids were brutally honest, as only kids can be.

Guest Host Kerry Washington Talks to Kids About Voting

Washington asks the kids:

"Do you know who our current President is?"

One child replies:

"All I know is that he's going nuts."

Another said:

"He's handling things out of control."

"He wants people to go to school, but people are getting sick."

Washington asked:

"Is Trump doing bad things?"

One kid replied:


Washington asked:

"Like what?"

"Like lying," the kid said without pausing.

She asked a girl:

"What do you think of [President Trump]?"

The girl said:


Washington asked a little girl:

"What's the worst thing that the President has done?"

The girl replied:

"I heard that the President canceled TikTok....I don't think he likes to have fun."

Washington is an active participant in the Democratic Party, and will be moderating the Democratic National Convention on 8/19.

If even the kids can tell something is not right in the country, maybe we need to do better as adults.

Like vote!