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Kaitlin Bennett is a name many of you may not know.

She made herself a champion in conservative circles after posing in her cap and gown—and her AR-10 semiautomatic rifle—at Kent State University.

You may recall Kent State as the scene of a mass shooting that cost several lives and whose aftermath was photographed for the world to see. Millions called Kaitlin out for how inappropriate her picture was—people compared it to the heartless audacity it would take to pose at Columbine or Stoneman-Douglas or any other school shooting site with a weapon.

Kaitlin was unfazed, as were her millions of conservative supporters. Since then, Kaitlin has continued with a string of little stunts to get attention; like hosting an "InfoWars" themed slumber party—though we're not sure how much sleeping one can do with Alex Jones screaming at you all night.

Her most recent stunt has people really annoyed, mostly for how ridiculous and belittling it is.

Just a few days ago, Kaitlin wore her MAGA hat through TSA to hop a flight. No one said anything to her about it and she could have just continued her completely uneventful journey—but no.

She turned and snapped a MAGA hatted selfie, then posted it. It wasn't so much the MAGA hat that caught everyone's attention, though.

It was why she claimed she wore the MAGA hat.

According to Kaitlin's post she was purposefully trying to belittle TSA employees when she chose to wear her red cap. According to her, she wore it to remind TSA workers that they are disposable and non-essential.

Nope, not kidding.

Those are her actual words.

Her post was in perfect mean-girl spirit, wasn't it?

She went out of her way to purposefully try to belittle and hurt people, then when she didn't get enough attention by doing it, she decided to post to the world about it. Also, her hashtags don't particularly vibe well with the rest of Kaitlin's supposed values.

It's clear she didn't think this one through considering many of the things she claims to want are supported and funded by the taxes that she claims are theft. Also what does that have to do with the TSA agent behind you?

Now, when we say Twitter went off, we mean they went off. Like, if our editors would let us get away with it, we would spell it "awf" and somehow write it in cursive just so you understand how much we mean it.


All caps.

In bold.

Kaitlin had a choice to make here.

She could let this go and pretend it wasn't happening and move on. She could delete the tweet. She could double down on making herself look like an entitled idiot with no understanding of economics or human decency.

Guess which one she chose...

Yeah that didn't work out too well either.

Time for another choice.

Did Kaitlin let it go this time?



You get the point.

This went on for literally thousands of comments. Ain't no party like a Twitter dunk party, 'cause a Twitter dunk party don't stop.

Believe it or not, she came back for round four of this!

First she re-tweeted a post from Liberty Hangout. The Liberty Hangout post quoted statistics about the TSA.

Slight problem, Liberty Hangout is Kaitlin's own account. According to her own Twitter bio, she's their "Grassroots Director."

So... yeah.

After that, she tweeted from her regular account again.

And yes, Twitter did, once again, layeth the smack down.

No sign of a round five yet, but based on her history we are pretty sure she'll be back to this topic soon enough.

For now, she's busy talking about how abortion is way worse than Blackface. Turns out she's an expert in medicine and sociology in addition to taxation, crime and government infrastructure.

Yeah, this should end well...


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