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Website Calling Kendall Jenner 'Brave' For Eating Food Before The Met Gala Gets Ripped To Shreds


According to Access Hollywood, supermodel Kendall Jenner's prep for the Met Gala in New York City was a "heroic" one.

In a now-deleted tweet, the website praised the Instagirl for loading up on grilled cheese and fries before strutting her stuff in a white jumpsuit at Monday's red carpet affair.

In response to the Kardashian supermodel posting an Instagram story of her meal prior to her appearance at the fancy engagement, Access Online tweeted:

@KendallJenner ate grilled cheese, fries, crepes & more before hitting the #MetGala red carpet. Now *that* is bravery.

Twitter gave the website a collective eyeroll for equating eating with bravery.

Who knew that engaging in such a quotidian necessity would earn such high praise? I just wolfed down a Subway sandwich, some Sun Chips, and a large Diet Coke on my way to work today; where's my shout-out?

Twitter had similar concerns. One user tweeted, "I think I qualify for a nobel peace prize."

So, apparently, this is what bravery looks like.

In addition to their tweet, the website reiterated, "Carb-loading before the Met Gala proves the 22-year-old is practically fearless."

Their tweet in praise of her so-called bravery was ripped apart on social media for its exploitation of feminism.

This user bypassed sarcasm and bluntly schooled Access Online's lame comment.

People appreciated them deleting the tweet following the backlash.

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