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Sports Media Exec Destroyed After Whining About 'Too Many Women World Cup Commentators'

'talkSPORT' founder Kelvin MacKenzie was quickly schooled after complaining on Twitter about ITV's coverage of the World Cup including so many female soccer pundits.

Kelvin MacKenzie; Jill Scott
Lewis Whyld/PA Images via Getty Images; James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images

Just as your country's men's soccer team is losing in front of the whole world, why not take the time to make an out-of-date, pie-faced misogynist comment on Twitter?

Recently, TalkSPORT founder Kelvin MacKenzie took to Twitter to complain about his true issue with the men's World Cup going on right now.

Too many women commentators.

As this take was both not needed at the moment that England's men's team was busy losing to France, as well as deeply wrong and antiquated—and because soccer has many fans who are women—MacKenzie was promptly rebuked for his comment.

Really, reactions fell into two types.

First there were those who expressed how wrong and misguided the take was, also taking an opportunity to point out MacKenzie's own problems.

And then there were those who addressed the hypocrisy in the tweet itself.

MacKenzie wanted world-class coverage but failed to remember the only England national team to win a cup recently—since 1966—is the Lionesses.

England's women's team won the Euro Women's Cup earlier this year.

Overall, the response was a grumpy eyeroll, as this is another example of a White, cisgender heternormative man commenting how much he doesn't like it when his previously male-dominated field is even slightly more diverse.

One responder summed up the feeling MacKenzie is showing off.

The world cup continues into the semi-finals this week, complete with commentators of all genders.