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Kellyanne Conway Ripped After Criticizing Kamala Harris For Backing Law That Trump Also Supports

Kellyanne Conway Ripped After Criticizing Kamala Harris For Backing Law That Trump Also Supports
Samuel Corum/Getty Images; JONATHAN ERNST/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Kellyanne Conway has begun her offensive against newly minted Vice Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, and she's done so by castigating her for formerly supporting a law that President Trump still supports to this day.

The Counselor to the President struck out at the California Senator for having "put people away" for marijuana convictions during her time as a prosecutor.

Harris's record on marijuana prosecutions is one that would please Conway's boss: President Trump is against marijuana legalization. But Conway, of course, left that small detail out of her comments to the press pool on Wednesday.

In her comments, Conway painted a picture of Kamala Harris as tough on marijuana laws but lax on others.

"She put people away for marijuana use and then she gave plea deals to defendants who had done far worse than marijuana use. She is going to be expected to answer for that."

Harris has, in fact, answered for much of her record, including having evolved on the issue of marijuana legalization since her time as a prosecutor and California's Attorney General.

In 2019, Harris co-sponsored the MORE Act which, among other things, proposed nationwide legalization of marijuana at the federal level. (It is currently legal only at the state level in certain states.)

President Trump, by contrast, has proposed not only keep marijuana illegal, but removing medical marijuana protections beginning next year. He has also proposed the death penalty for drug dealers and has praised executions of dealers in countries like China.

Conway also left these facts out of her comments.

And on Twitter, many people were not at all impressed by this ham-fisted attempt to castigate Senator Harris.

Conway also did not mention that Senator Harris and President Trump have a past connection: the President donated to Harris's Attorney General reelection campaign twice between 2011 and 2014. The President's daughter Ivanka Trump also donated in 2014.