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Kelly Ripa Shuts Down Ryan Seacrest's Claim That Andy Cohen Snubbed Him On New Year's Eve

The 'Live With Ryan And Kelly' host claimed the 'Watch What Happens Live' host 'did not turn around' when he tried to get his attention during their opposing New Year's Eve telecasts.

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest; Andy Cohen
Raymond Hall/GC Images/GettyImages; Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Ryan Seacrest claimed to his co-host Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Ryan that Andy Cohen snubbed him on New Year's Eve while they were filming their respective countdown specials.

Seacrest was filming ABC’s Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve apparently ten feet away from where Cohen was filming CNN's New Year’s Eve special along with Anderson Cooper.

Seacrest recalled on Tuesday's show:

“It was funny because my big stage was right in front of Anderson and Andy, and so when I was not working, I was trying to, like, get their attention."
"I thought maybe I was in the shot. I just wanted to wave and say hi. You know, they have a great show.”

He commented on how Cooper had "class" because he turned around and acknowledged Seacrest from afar after noticing him and mouthing the words:

“How are you? Have a good show."

However, Cohen apparently didn't have the time to say "hi."

A disappointed Seacrest said as if delivering a punch line:

“Andy did not turn around."

Ripa, who is a friend of Cohen's immediately dismissed her co-host's claim.

“That’s not true. He said he was trying to get your attention.”

You can watch the clip, here.

Live with Kelly and Ryan 01/03/23 | Kelly and Ryan January 03th, 2023 Full Episode

Seacrest wasn't convinced and maintained that didn't seem to be the case.

“Really? I’m like, ‘Hey, it’s me. Guys, it’s me'."
"Put me in your shot. Put me in your background.'"

Some Twitter users rolled their eyes over what they thought was a petty grievance.

Others were amused.

Cohen responded to Seacrest's claim about ignoring him on Wednesday’s episode of SiriusXM’s Andy Cohen Live.

He said of Seacrest:

"He's got a bug up about me."

You can listen to Cohen explain the situation here.

Andy Cohen Reacts to Seacrest NYE

Cohen then shared the arrangement he had with Cooper that if one of them saw Seacrest waving to them on New Year's Eve, they have to tell the other to turn around and wave back.

Said Cohen:

“Usually what Anderson will do… if he’s waving at Ryan, he’ll say to me, ‘Hey, there’s Ryan."
"... And then I’ll turn around and wave or I’ll say, ‘There’s Ryan,’ but [Cooper] didn’t do that.”

Cohen was compelled to settle the score once and for all by calling Cooper live during the show.

Cooper seemed apprehensive about getting involved in the drama, but he humored Cohen and told him he forgot to remind him to wave back at Seacrest.

Cooper recalled when Seacrest allegedly made eye contact with Cohen, Cohen was preoccupied.

“You were talking," recalled Cooper.

"You were involved [with] some producer.”

The apparent snub may have something to do with last year's taping of his and Seacrest's simultaneous broadcast of their New Year's Eve specials.

A heavily inebriated Cohen referred to ABC’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve taping as “Ryan Seacrest’s group of losers.” Cohen later apologized.

Cohen expressed his regrets in the clip below, which includes a soundbite of the diss that got him in trouble with CNN.

Andy Cohen Regrets Ryan Seacrest Diss On

Last week, CNN imposed a drinking ban on its hosts to prevent regrettable comments from being made.

It was an initiative Seacrest said was probably a "good idea."

He told Entertainment Weekly:

“I don’t advocate drinking when one is on the air."
"I don’t know how that started as a tradition, but it’s probably a good idea [to scale back], CNN.”

Maybe Cohen didn't appreciate Seacrest's opinion. Who knows?

After merely a few days into the new year, it looks like 2023 is already off to a dramatic start.