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Keanu Reeves Meeting 9-Year-Old Super Fan In Viral Video Has The Internet's Hearts Melting

Keanu Reeves greeted 9-Year-Old super fan named Noah at a BRZRKR signing in LA and revived his Duke Caboom catchphrase from 'Toy Story 4,' who was Noah's favorite character.

Split screenshots of Keanu Reeves talking to little boy fan, Noah, while signing autographs

There are Keanu Reeves stans everywhere.

Whether its his work in the Matrix films or John Wick, or his calm introversion, or his good looks, Keanu Reeves has a little bit of something for everyone.

But perhaps the most appealing thing about the actor is what seems to be a very genuine kindness.

Recently, fans were reminded of his sweet demeanor when a video of him meeting a young fan was posted online.

Watch here.

Nine-year-old fan, Noah, met Keanu Reeves at a signing event in Los Angeles for BRZRKR.

Noah introduced himself to Keanu Reeves by immediately exclaiming:

“I’m such a big fan!”

Keanu Reeves went on to ask Noah if he had seen Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4, and Noah said:

“Yeah, he’s my favorite character.”

The actor went on to delight the young fan with Duke Caboom’s catchphrase.

“Canada’s Greatest Stuntman!”

While Noah’s delight is unparalleled, others aarealso beaming at the interaction.

It's wonderful to see an example of positive masculinity.