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Texas Mom Felt Like She Was Being Watched—And Her Night Vision Cameras Proved Her Right

Texas Mom Felt Like She Was Being Watched—And Her Night Vision Cameras Proved Her Right

in Katy, Texas a single mom named Adriana Garcia said she had a gut feeling she was being watched.

Unfortunately, she was right.

Garcia's neighbor, 37-year-old Mario Martel, was arrested and ordered to stay away from her as of this past Tuesday.

Garcia said she always got a creepy feeling from Martel, as he watched her from his porch. As a mother of a 14-year-old autistic son, Garcia said she will do anything to keep him safe.

After her son found footprints outside, she decided to install night vision camera's outside her home, pointed at the bedroom window.

Garcia told KHOU 11:

"I haven't been sleeping for over a month, just waiting, waiting."
"I have clear footage where he looks in any way he can and touches himself while looking in through little gaps of both my bedroom windows."

As soon as she saw the camera had caught his movement, Garcia went outside and confronted Martel.

He begged her not to tell but as soon as he ran into his home she called the Harris County Sheriff's Office.

Garcia said she is still fearful for her safety:

"He violated my privacy. I'm afraid, no matter how brave I look."
"Of course, I go through that fear."
"Now I'll never, if I look at my window, if I hear a noise."
"What's going to happen? I mean, he scarred me."

KHOU 11 posted the story to Facebook where many commented they would have shot Martel if it happened to them.

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As of Thursday morning, Martel has been released on $100 general order bond.

Garcia now carries a handgun with her. She now warns women to trust their gut.