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Video Of Kamala Harris Telling Her Great-Niece 'You Could Be President' Someday Is Melting Hearts


Whether you agree with her policies or not, it is an undeniable fact that Kamala Harris has just made history. She is the first woman, first Black American and first Asian American to ever be elected Vice-President.

As such, her election means a lot to quite a few people. That sentiment is evident in the way social media reacted to a brief clip posted by Senator Harris' niece, children's author, lawyer and activist Meena Harris.

The clip is a brief snippet of a conversation that lasted about an hour, according to Meena's post.

In it, Harris can be heard encouraging her great-niece. 4-year-old Amara wants to be "an astronaut President."

Vice-President-elect Harris can't really speak to the qualifications for becoming an astronaut, but was happy to let Amara know that yes, "you could be President." As long as she waits until she is 35.

The moment made waves on social media.

Unfortunately, the video was also met with a not-insignificant amount of right-wing vitriol.

Overall, though, the snippet was warmly received with people from all sorts of demographics posting heartwarming comments about what Harris's representation means.