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'Uncut Gems' Star Julia Fox Just Wore Some Insanely High Platform Boots—And The Internet Is Obsessed

'Uncut Gems' Star Julia Fox Just Wore Some Insanely High Platform Boots—And The Internet Is Obsessed
Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

For the moment at least, it's Julia Fox's world and we're just living in it.

And when the actor and repeated internet-breaker recently stepped out in a pair of insanely high platform boots, the internet was predictably instantly obsessed--so much so that the boots became a new meme, like so many of Fox's other outfits.

It's easy to see why--these are the sort of booth that can really only be pulled off by someone with a Fox-level talent for both risk-taking and subtle trolling, after all. See the bonkers boots below.

What's truly great about this look is that it's a kind of bait-and-switch. At first blush it looks like just a sexy, slinky slip dress--and then your eyes venture further down and the look frolics off into delicious weirdness.

Delicious weirdness, of course, has become something of a signature of Fox's, whether it's her famous raccoon-like eye makeup, the totally bonkers way she pronounces her vowels, or her thrillingly batsh*t red carpet quotes.

And like everything Fox does, the photos of her cuckoo boots went instantly viral on both Twitter and Instagram.

Fox of course isn't the first person to wear bonkers boots in public, and as her photos went viral, people began to point out some of her fellow stars who are similarly unapologetically brash with their looks--most notably Lady Gaga, who was also photographed traipsing around New York in almost identical boots last summer.

But it wasn't long before Fox's boots began reminding people on the internet of a whole other class of icons, and suddenly Fox's sartorial choices once again became meme fodder.

For instance, the sartorial influence of SpongeBob SquarePants's Patrick Star on Fox obviously cannot be denied.

And of course we wouldn't even have a Julia Fox if it weren't for the trail blazed by HIM from Powerpuff Girls, right?

Suffice to say the boots made an impression, and a lot of people were absolutely eating it up.

It's hard to imagine Fox coming up with a new spectacle that will one-up this one, but surely she'll somehow find a way.