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Joy Behar Slammed For Telling LGBTQ+ People To 'Just Come Out' At Thanksgiving And 'See What Happens'

Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Coming out is a challenge many closeted LGBTQ+ people struggle with. It requires a lot of mental, emotional and even logistical preparation.

If the news isn't received well, having a safe place to go is something LGBTQ+ people need to consider before coming out.

Everyone's journey is different. It is a person's prerogative to come out when they are ready to, without giving in to social pressure.

But this notion was lost on The View host Joy Behar who trivialized the process for closeted LGBTQ+ people by encouraging them to "just come out" at Thanksgiving.

Behar and her co-host, Whoopi Goldberg, were discussing the political topics that may come up at the family table during the holiday feast.

“I’d like to suggest to everybody out there, come out to your family this Thanksgiving," said Behar during Wednesday's program.

"Just come out! See what happens."

You can watch the clip, below.

Behar continued:

“If you’re gay, come out. Meaning be your authentic self. I’m old enough now, I know that life is short… I say that you should be yourself, this is my philosophy in life.”

Although her intentions might have been good, some people felt the frivolous nature of her encouragement was a bit out of touch with reality.

People didn't appreciate a significant moment in a person's life being treated so frivolously.

There was much sarcasm in response.

Her comment came as a surprise since Behar is a recipient of a GLAAD award in 2010 for discussing and raising awareness of the many issues and challenges LGBTQ+ people face.