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Far-Right Author Dragged After Melting Down Over An April Fool's Prank About Bike Lanes

Canadian psychologist and far-right mouthpiece Jordan Peterson ranted on Twitter about a proposed bike lane on the Trans-Canada Highway without realizing it was April Fool's Day.

Jordan Peterson
Faith Moran/GC Images/Getty Images

Not everyone takes a joke well.

Unfortunately for him, on April 1, right-wing provocateur Jordan Peterson didn’t realize it was April Fool’s Day. He proceeded to put the ‘F’ in “fool” when he erupted at a Western Standard online news tweet.

The psychologist went off on the news company as well as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Twitter.

Sharing the Western Standard tweet, Peterson posted:

"This idiot country is sheathed in ice seven months of the year and the trans Canada highway (an underdeveloped national disgrace) is 5000 miles long."
"Is there nothing so stupid you won't do it @JustinTrudeau?"

He clearly didn’t read the article.

It explicitly states it was an April Fool’s joke at the end of the article.

Western Standard

Peterson saw Trudeau was supposedly making plans to convert one lane of the TransCanada highway to a bike lane. To the tune of $100 billion (CA).

But instead of reading the article to the end and enjoying being in on the joke with the rest of Twitter, Peterson immediately chose to rant about Trudeau’s stupidity.

Twitter immediately pointed out the date to the scholar.

Maybe next time Dr. Peterson will complete his research before jumping to conclusions