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Is There Anything Cuter Than This 'Walking Dead' Star And His Rescue Pit Bulls?

Is There Anything Cuter Than This 'Walking Dead' Star And His Rescue Pit Bulls?
Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Activision

Jon Bernthal is everyone's favorite good guy gone bad from The Walking Dead, but in real life he is a good guy through and through, especially when it comes to his dogs.

Bernthal may play the bad guy a lot, whether it be The Walking Dead or The Punisher in the Marvel show of the same name, but he's actually a really great guy.

In fact, Bernthal is a passionate advocate for adopting pit bulls. Pit bulls have a famously bad reputation but Bernthal doesn't buy it. He has three of his own adopted pitties — Boss, Venice, and very recent addition, Bam Bam.

Jon has spoken out numerous times in favor of the breed, including shooting a PSA for The Majority Project, a project by the Animal Farm Foundation to challenge the negative stereotypes pit bulls carry.

Check out the video here.

He also constantly posts adorable (and sexy) photos of him and his dogs on social media. Here are some of the best.

Regarding pit bulls being supposedly more dangerous, Jon said,

"I think the fact that you have a dog that's enormously strong and athletic and has an enormous jaw, I think that that does not make that dog one bit more likely to attack or to hurt somebody... If you're a muscle bound guy who's walking down the street, you're no more inclined to behave a certain way."

Jon clearly has a big heart and the internet loves him for it.

H/T: Bored Panda, Insider